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Golden Buckwheat Tea 500g

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Health Benefits of Tartary Buckwheat Tea 

There are two main types of buckwheat tea: herbal infusion made by steeping buckwheat leaves in hot water and soba-cha tea made by infusing roasted kernels or hulls of buckwheat in hot water. 

In fact, in Japan, Korea and China where roasted buckwheat kernel tea, or soba-cha, has been consumed for centuries, people have been touting the extraordinary health benefits of this caffeine-free drink. Health benefits associated with drinking buckwheat tea range from improved circulation and prevention of varicose veins to cardiovascular and metabolic benefits. 


Buckwheat Tea is Caffeine-Free

By now, everyone knows that green tea is good for you, largely due to its high concentration of antioxidants. However, if you're trying to cut down on caffeine in your diet, or if you're following a low-oxalate diet such The Kidney Stone Avoidance Diet, you may have to look for alternatives to green tea.

While buckwheat hull tea does not beat green tea in terms of antioxidant power (as demonstrated by a Polish study published in the International Journal of Food Properties), it nevertheless provides plenty of antioxidants, including rutin and vitexin. Rutin, in particular, has been credited with a number of health benefits, including improved blood flow and prevention of varicose veins and leg edema. It may also help improve metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and polycystic syndrome (PCOS).

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Chinese name黄苦荞茶
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