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CMDC shopping online websites based on Chinese Medical Development Center, which was established in the Netherlands in 1999. CMDC websites is a global medical care destination for different aspects. We sell herbal products, and offer a wide variety of health care-related content, making CMDC.com the hub of a thriving medical community.

 We sell over 400 kinds of traditional Chinese medicine, herb tea, as well as health tools, which through localised web experiences, delivering from our fulfilment centres in the Netherlands to almost every country in the world.

 For CMDC, we always adhere to the integrity, quality and service- oriented principles, to provide you with health, individuality and useful knowledge, products as well as tools. Furthermore, our web aims at managing all aspects of our business transparently, so that our customers can enjoy their health in the knowledge that, when buying our products, they are buying from a responsible company that is actively working to minimize the negative effects of the medical industry on people, procedure and the environment


Shengjie Liu

Clinic For TCM



30 years experiences


Wat is Acupunctuur

Acupunctuur is een onderdeel van de Traditionele Chinese Geneeskunde(TCG). Een geneeskunde met een historie van ruim 4000 jaar...

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Wat is orthopedie - Tuina

De Tuina-technieken zijn gebaseerd op een diepgaand inzicht in en begrip van de anatomische en psychologische kennis van de mens...

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Chinese Kruiden Therapie

In China is dit een zeer belangrijke vorm van geneeskunde. Vele honderden jaren heeft men de invloed van voedingsstoffen op de...

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